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Let “MANCINI” Emcee and Sound Production Help Make Your Vision Become a Reality


Give us a chance to earn your business. We would love to be a part of your event. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your entertainment needs
We’re confident you’ll find no other entertainment service offering more for less! We welcome your call for personal consultation and pricing
We believe that it’s not your job to be equipment experts and have to decide which “package” to pick and what equipment you need and don’t need, that’s our job.
We will give you everything that you need for a successful evening

An Example of a Custom Personalized Voice-Over Song:

Your Very Special Song… Your Voice:

IMAGINE… You’re ready to dance with your father and as the song begins…
YOUR VOICE is heard coming from the song expressing your sentiments to him.

YOUR FATHER IS SURPRISED as you express to him your deepest love and admiration.

After which, the song continues and as you dance and embrace with your father those precious minutes will take on a deeper and extra special meaning FOR THE TWO OF YOU…

MEMORIES OF THOSE MOMENTS will be cherished for years to come… just like it was yesterday.

NOW… IMAGINE receiving a CD OF YOUR song as a remembrance to keep forever.